About Us

Who we are

We are a healthy ecosystem that promotes an integral training system with the objective that its participants live in a state of continuous improvement, sharing a conscious lifestyle and constantly nurturing each other.

We exist to educate, train and inspire people in all areas of life so they can live a fulfilling existence.

Brand manifesto

“Fitpack exists to accompany people on their path of personal transformation with the goal of enabling them to become agents of change through tools and techniques that benefit their health, expand their awareness and consequently inspire their environment to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.”

Fitpack Team

Fitpack encourages everyone involved to work from their passion and with a defined purpose, allowing a greater flow of ideas and creativity, making the work dynamic, enriching and fun.

Our organizational values are:

“We are part of a healthy ecosystem which is characterized by being a safe space where we can show ourselves with total authenticity. We are ambassadors of a holistic philosophy that accepts others as they are, without judgment and with the intention of making them feel good, comfortable and empowered.”


Our Team

Stefano Bonanno

Founder & CEO

Franco Galmarini


Barbara Guarnaccia


Barbara Guarnaccia


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