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Personal Training

Únete a nuestras dinámicas y divertidas clases grupales donde realizarás ejercicios para todo el cuerpo, mejorarás tu nivel de fitness y aprenderás nuevas habilidades en distintas disciplinas. Las sesiones tienen lugar en sitios emblemáticos de Barcelona.

A program exclusively designed for companies committed to the well-being of their employecs. We design various plans that adapt ta the needs, schedules, resources, and location of each company.

Healthy getaways, organized with the aim of connecting as a community irl a natural environmerlt. During them, ue Will enjoy nature walks, training, yoga and meditation, and have fun with different ga mcs and activities,

This proposal seeks to further strengthen the union of our community by offering plans and ideas that allow new connections, contacts, and friends. lt includes networking events, workshops, social eventS, entertainment days, post•training gatherings, and social awareness activities

We offer training sessions from Monday to Saturday, at different times and locations in Barcelona. Yau Will fina all the details an the next page

Personal transformation program designed to help you identify your unhealthy behavior patterns and replace them with positive habit Will have the support Of professional Will guide and teach vau how tc manage long-term changes to live a fuller and healthier life,

A modern learning space whose Obiective is to help you develop your maximum potential as an instructor. We Will teach you training techniques and methodalogies that yau can apply when planning your sessions and delve into the importance of leadership and enenzy management.

Un servicio orientado a empresas que están buscando incrementar el nivel de energía de sus colaboradores, mejorar el ambiente laboral y aumentar el bienestar general del personal.


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